Meet Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas, the definition of luxury in Bodrum Gündoğan. Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas, which youcan also access via boat, has forever changed the definition of luxury with its own beach, gourmet restaurant, and SPA treatments that will relieve you of all your tiredness.

Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas is located in the Küçükbük District of Gündoğan, a calm and quaint town on the Bodrum Peninsula, and is surrounded by stunning bays on all four sides. Our facility, which presents its services as residency apartments and villas concept, offers accommodation as comfortable as your own home together with a superior quality of service for you to have an unforgettable holiday experience.
Taking the concept of a holiday to a completely different dimension, our residence with its sea view and our large, spacious, modern concept apartments invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. With its own private beach that you can also reach by boat and SPA therapy that will relieve you of all of your tiredness, Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas changes the understanding of a holiday from beginning to end.
Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas, Bodrum
Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas

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Mare Küçükbük Villas, Bodrum
Mare Küçükbük Villaları

We turn the concept of a holiday into extraordinary experiences with our innovative ideas and invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

You can swim freely in the waters of Küçükbük Bay away from the crowds on the private beach of Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas.

You can spend quality time in the residence pool with the view over Küçükbük Bay.

In addition to resting on holiday, you can rid yourself of the stress of work and the city and relax with our SPA service.

You can continue your schedule in our fitness centre and maintain your workout routine.

While you are relaxing, your children can spend time with fun activities in the Kids Club.

Mare Deluxe Residences & Villas

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