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Çeviri Yönetimi

ADH Translation continues to provide service by investing in technological infrastructure focused on customer satisfaction.

Our company, which has focused on customer satisfaction and invested in technological infrastructure since the day it was established, has achieved great success in a short period of time and has become the leader of the sector. Our company, which in recent years has increased the number of language pairs it offers, today has over 1000 freelance translators indifferent countries translating in their own languages.
We, as ADH Translation, take great pride in being the meeting point where the languages ​​of the world come together thanks to our wide network of translators. The fact that, not only in Türkiye but across the globe, leading sector companies have chosen ADH Translation as their solution partner is the greatest indicator of the quality of the service we offer in both domestic and international arenas.
Çeviri Yönetimi

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We work with leading companies in many different sectors in Türkiye and around the world, offering our customers an Advanced Translation Management Experience as a solution partner for their translation requirements.

Our work is carried out in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2017 standards, and every process from the commencement of theproject to the delivery proceeds in a controlled manner.

The foundation for establishing a trust-based relationship with our customers is the timely and high-quality delivery of all the projects that we undertake. During the project, we present a highly transparent approach towards our customers through our preliminary briefings and interim updates.

We closely follow innovations in the sector and strengthen our infrastructure in translation technologies through training and webinars. By doing so, we have minimized not only the costs of translation in our projects but also costs connected to page layouts.

Thanks to our wide network of translators, we support you with fast and high-quality delivery by immediately processing your urgent requests. We always have a suitable translator for your requests in our database.

We have created special lead and backup translator teams for customers with whom we work regularly and we only work with members of this team on the projects of such customers. This gives us a huge advantage in terms of style, the integrity of the language, and adaptation to the source text.

Thanks to our expert designers, we deliver your files without compromising their format and quality. Furthermore, we can prepare documents that do not have a master file from scratch and deliver them ready for high-quality printing.

We know the importance of the translation and translation management for our customers and we take our work seriously.

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